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  • I’ve had an amazing weekend taking this Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions class; I’m sure you can see the excitement in my face. It helped turn my business around, and I know it’ll help turn yours around, too! ‘Cause Hank and Sharyn are brilliant and have so many tips. They’re helping to help promote you and your business to get more clients and more revenue. So I really recommend Hank and Sharyn – Yuloff Creative.

    Rachel Ako
  • I’ve just spent the last two days at a marketing seminar with Hank and Sharyn Yuloff who own Yuloff Creative. I have to say it was the best program I’ve ever been to. I’ve spent a lot of money on other programs, and this was by far the best. I’m going to be recommending everybody I talk to about this. Don’t miss the next one!

    Glenndalf the Magician
  • "When a major league baseball player is asked how to hit a 100 mph breaking ball, he will likely say something like “Keep your eyes open and get ahead of the curve.” The same is true for today’s media as it moves fast and is constantly changing. You need to stay ahead of the curve or you will definitely strike out. Hank and Sharyn are in your coaches box, spitting sunflower seeds and barking out encouragement from the dugout. Social media is dominant today, but you must have an understanding of how to inject your social platforms with steroids. You need the competitive edge. Millions of people have played Little League but few become pro. Are you a major leaguer? You can’t run with the big dogs if you pee like a puppy."

    Dave Pratt ABA Hall of Fame Broadcast Personality Arizona Music and Entertainers Hall of Fame Owner and Founder, Star Worldwide Network
  • "What I love about Yuloff Creative is that they become an in-house agency (marketing department) for small business owners. I think that’s a brilliant idea. They think as if they are the small business owner’s partner….They are true mentors and coaches that are truly looking out for the best interests of their clients…. Over 30 years together, there’s some wisdom going on here. You gotta check them out. Hank and Sharyn Yuloff, you guys are amazing. I’ll see them in Sedona, you guys should make that contact right now too."

    Kevin Harrington Original Shark on Shark Tank, Creator of AsSeenOnTV.com

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Stephanie & Val Westover recently visited Sedona Marketing Retreats. Here’s what they had to say about working with Hank & Sharyn Yuloff on the new marketing plan for their family & wedding photography business.

Engineer Thomas Nye had his doubts about the small business marketing plan bootcamp, but finished with a new lease on his business life. His business is focused on success because of Yuloff Creative.

After a year of working with a different business coach, Penny S Tee attended the Small Business Marketing Plan bootcamp and after years of being in business, finally has a marketing plan!

Even MBA holder Steven Rico Learned Tons with The Small Business Marketing Plan

Private coaching client Joia Jitahadi had been in business for 20 years, and finally is able to describe her business to her most profitable preferred potential clients.

Princess Ray ( http://www.TheGiftPrincess.com ), shares why she loves working with Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions as her Chief Marketing Officers.

Carrick Sears recommends the Small Business Marketing Plan bootcamp.

Yvonne Boutell of West Side Deli put her marketing plan in order at The Small Business Marketing Plan bootcamp.

Nutritionist Gayle Baigo describes her incredible experience at The Small Business Marketing Plan bootcamp.

Eric Tanner from Southwest Protective Services shared the immediate results his company had after working with Yuloff Creative Marketing Solution’s product, The Small Business Marketing Plan.

Stuart Lorch of SGB NIA Insurance Brokers LOVES the Small Business Marketing Plan Bootcamp

David Ward of Wellmax Computers LOVES The Small Business Marketing Plan bootcamp.

Joshua Dunn talks about Why He Chose Yuloff Creative as his Business Coaches

Sheryl Rogers of www.PaintNProfitAZ.com went to Sedona Marketing Retreats with ZERO marketing plan and left with a direction, an online presence and a path towards greater sales


CJ and Debbie Lopez of http://www.VetsMoveYou.com share their experience of working with Hank and Sharyn Yuloff. For more information on moving your company or home in Southern California, call CJ at 818-337-9495.

Larry Phillips of http://www.http://flagstafftreeservic… Supertree Services got his marketing focused at The Small Business Marketing Plan bootcamp.

Noam Meppen of http://www.CruiseScottsdale.com began working with Hank and Sharyn Yuloff of http://www.YuloffCreative.com and in a year, his business doubled, increasing 115% in a year.

Nancy Hashem used The Small Business Marketing Plan to create a marketing plan for her new business, Red Rocks Home Care Services.

www.360AutoAZ.com is the place to go for a female friendly, woman owned auto mechanic – Ask for Helaine

In the first of two takes, Gerry Kane, founder of http://www.TheElderCareLawyers.com was having a fun time giving a testimonial for his marketing coaches, Sharyn and Hank Yuloff of Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions ( http://www.YuloffCreative.com ), and we let the camera roll. Gerry was a great sport, but this is why, when we ask for a testimonial from happy clients, be ready to shoot them 3 or 4 times. Be patient, have fun, and always be appreciative that they gave you a testimonial. For assistance in learning to to create video testimonials, call Yuloff Creative Marketing Solutions at 800-705-4265. Hank and Sharyn Yuloff will help you. You can also find the information at www.TheSmallBusinessMarketingPlan.com

SCORE loves Hank and Sharyn Yuloff

Author Suzanne Taylor-Torres learned more than expected at The Small Business Marketing Plan bootcamp. Suzanne, from SerenityQuestAZ.com, says the bootcamp is no fluff!

Jessica Sullivan of Healing Salt Spa discusses her experience with Yuloff Creative.

Heather Parris of Self Propelled Tours says that the Small Business Marketing Plan bootcamp is worth every penny.

Bonnee Lalooz of Sylvan Learning Centers loves the Small Business Marketing Plan.

Patricia Salazar, founder of Global Sol LLC, gained new marketing insight from The Small Business Marketing Plan

Kimberly Miles, author of At The Root, discusses how happy she is to work with Yuloff Creative


Janet Howe (www.HoweToTravelBetter.com) and DJ Complex Lex (www.DJComplexLex.com) heading out after a weekend of putting their marketing plans together.

Jacinta Mpalyenkana of http://www.TapTheGood.com recommends the http://www.OurMarketingGuy.com seminars as a way to get focused on your business’ marketing goals.

Mike Monteleone of http://www.BaronesPizzaExpress.com hired Hank Yuloff to run a Name Our New Pizza Contest. He was very happy with the ideas presented and the results of the contest.

If you have an insurance business, you should be attending the Yuloff Creative events.

Jenny Freese of ValleyVillage.org shows how the Yuloff Creative seminars help her promote her non-profit.

Debbie Copsey of http://www.CreativePartyConcepts.com sat in on a marketing workshop for wedding and event planners and came away saying she could dump boxes of other notes she had taken over the years at other seminars and focus on what she learned from the Yuloffs.

Santa Claus joined Hank and Sharyn Yuloff of Sedona Marketing Retreats for breakfast at the Red Rock Cafe in Sedona and gives us an update on the project where Sedona Marketing connected Santa with Google to employ his elves full time, doing Google Searches.

Carolyn Gilbert talks about working with Sharyn and Hank Yuloff for her creative card company.

Plisa Rainbow Lady from Creative Gateways loves The Small Business Marketing Bootcamp.

Lee From GoAskLee.com thinks that the Yuloffs help business owners think outside the box.

Dawn Guillespie of www.ClubZTutoring.com loves Yuloff Creative (800)705-4265 because of the marketing information she received at a free seminar.

John White of John White Plumbing loves the work that Yuloff Creative has done for him for years.

Ahn Tran of ONE Generation used Yuloff Creative for all their marketing.

Geoffrey Rouss of http://www.RoussHomeLoans.com loves the marketing plan that Yuloff Creative created for his company.

eLi DeMarcus Parr of http://www.eLiTheGirL.com got some ideas during a Mastermind from Hank Yuloff and wanted to let you know about it!

Jennifer Martin of Jennifer Martin Design learned more about a marketing in 2 hours than she had in several years.

Tory Avram strongly suggests that business owners work with Yuloff Creative.

Testimonial from Sandy Rosenholz of Senior Resources about Hank Yuloff of Promotionally Minded. Hank made Sandy a great marketing giveaway to promote his business and works with non profits to advance their causes.

Jason Crow of Fit Above 40.com says that whether you are a new or established business, Yuloff Creative is the team you should work with.

Steve gained a lot of knowledge from Yuloff Creative

Dr. Lisa Lawrence felt that Yuloff Creative was invaluable in helping her set the goals she needed to get back on track

Claudette Magnus is a professional organizer. She participated in an Yuloff Creative seminar and… LOVED it!

David Friedman of www.818MyHouse.com loves Yuloff Creatives’ work

Dina Braverman of www.OrganizingConceptsAndDesigns.com loves Yuloff Creative

Grandma Sharon Rose loves what Yuloff Creative has done for her.

Private coaching client Glendalf the Magician had spent a lot of money on other seminars but the Small Business Marketing Plan bootcamp  was a very different and better experience. It was no slight of hand that Glenn loved the workshop.

Long-time client lLarry Cohen of http://www.BelAirExteriors.com introduces Hank Yuloff as a speaker and gives a testimonial to OurMarketingGuy!

Laurie Delmont and Zeena Burse of http://www.ZeelaWellness.com took a Yuloff Creative seminar and got a BUNCH of ideas to market their new business.

Melissa Colby of In Touch Home Care loves the infectious attitude in Yuloff Creative seminars.

Leroy Frelon Jr. got business building information from a Yuloff Creative seminar that he will use to build his insurance business.

Dr. Katherine Macey is a ‘seminar junkie’ but attended the Sedona Marketing Bootcamp – Los Angeles Edition and was VERY excited by the results.

Photographer Zarek Dietz is impressed with how Hank and Sharyn Yuloff teach marketing.

Dudley Jennings of JMS Merchant Services says that the Yuloffs will take care of you and your business.

Jason Cory of JacobsandJacobs.com attended the Small Business Marketing Plan bootcamp and came away incredibly impressed.

Larry from Vital Scan guarantees you will learn a lot by attending a Yuloff Creative seminar.

Janice Estrada of http://www.TierraDelSol.org attended a marketing seminar put on by Yuloff Creative  and got lots of great tips!

Sylvie’s Med Spa loves the marketing tactics she received from a seminar with Yuloff Creative.

Scott Kent recommends the Small Business Marketing Plan Bootcamp.

Rennie Gabriel picked up enough information to make lots of small corrections which will increase his business immediately.

Belinda Morris owner of http://www.PeoplescapeHR.com honed her elevator pitch with Hank Yuloff of during a two-hour marketing seminar.

Michael Scott of the Law Firm Narvid Scott is impressed with the work Yuloff Creative does for him.

The Law Collaborative considers their relationship with  Yuloff Creative a valuable asset.

Rachel Ako says that the Small Business Marketing Plan bootcamp will Turn Your Business around, like it did hers.

Dr. David Shannon was able to gear up and understand marketing after attending the Small Business Marketing Plan bootcamp.

Attorney Bob Epstein learned so much at the Yuloff Creative marketing bootcamps that his practice will be better.  To meet Bob, head to http://www/ItsAGreatDayToSue.com

Dr. Alan Lawrence got invaluable advice from Yuloff Creative for his business that was not working.

Konstanten Daniyelyan of People Helping People Makes Yuloff Creative his Go-To place for Marketing Answers

Paul Davis of Paul Davis Insurance Services is a long time fan of Yuloff Creative

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Linda Boysiewick of Black Sand Coffee attended a Yuloff Creative seminar and learned things she could put into action immediately

Bruce Gains thanks Yuloff Creative for putting together a creative marketing plan for his fitness company.